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Kara, another "trick" that works is giving them a choice of 2 things YOU want them to do, ie: "Connor, do you want to do Math or Violin now?" then he gets the "power" to make the decision (although, you really have the "power") works.

When my kids were little and they had me exasperated, I would start counting (with a stern face) "ONE,!! TWO!!, you won't be happy if I get to THREE!" and they would scramble.
Not too long ago we were all laughing about that and one of them asked "What would have happened if you got to THREE?" I said "I have absolutely no idea, cause I never got there!". I do the same thing with the kids at school when they start to get a little unruly and it works with them too. I have kind of a deep voice and maybe that has something to do with it too.
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