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There's plenty of snow here! These are the most accommodating winter storms ever - they're all on Mondays! The only thing that would be better would be staff meeting storms. I do realize I am really, really lucky to work at a family friendly agency where we are encouraged to only do what feels safe, so no driving on days all the schools are closed. I always have plenty of work at home work here in case I don't make it in. Even so I feel like a kid with an extra day to the weekend

Cottage - hope you make it skiing. The storm must be a little further north.

Ruth - Happy birthday! A pedicure sounds like a nice treat.

Cat - Sounds like they're having more of an adventure then planned! Enjoy your extra day.

Kara - The cats are at it again!

Isn't it nice to find a way to parent that doesn't involve so much stress?! My daughter was quite a handful, or as she says "I was a rotten kid, wasn't I?". I always assure her that she was just a kid with a lot of energy and independence and attitude My motto was,these will be really great qualities in an adult if we all live that long. And we did! And she is! Good luck.

That gives me an excuse to share a picture.

Well guess I should cancel my PT and other in town appointments. It doesn't look like I'm going anywhere far today. Have a good day everyone!
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