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When I was on this plan over the summer it was the colored plan and I was on red. It was a perfect plan. At first I had a little trouble getting all of the food in but it was doable and within a few days I had it down pretty good.

Things have changed so much since then. Now I'm on a numbered plan, 4. The amounts have changed and portion sizes have gone up. Today is my first full day on the plan (I did have my birthday dinner last night of sushi, which will be on the later plan but now I'm on express) and I still have a lite, starch, dairy and fruit left. I'm absolutely stuffed. I feel like I've been eating since I got up this morning and I don't want another bite.

I'm going to talk to the COD tomorrow at weigh in about it but does anyone else have this problem? I guess I've never been a good eater and am not used to eating this much for sure. Maybe over a regular work day this will work since I'm up at 3:45AM and don't go to bed until 9PM. Today I slept until 8:30AM (yes!) so maybe the later start to my day is the reason for it. Should I force myself to fit in the rest when I'm not hungry?
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