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Default What a week!!

Hi everyone!

Well I have had quite a week so let's see what I can tell you? First, I finally broke through the 150's and as of this morning officially weigh exactly 149 pounds!! Woohoo! I am so happy about this. Given, it's taken me about an extra 3 months to do it but so what? Slow and steady wins the race right? I was thrilled yesterday when I saw it and again today so it must be true. I'm only 5 pounds away from my post-honeymoon weight (not sure exactly what I weighed when I got married but I'm probably 10 pounds away from that. My second exciting news is that we bought the house!! Wow it was crazy for a while and I haven't slept well but it's a done deal. This may also have helped the weight loss but I'll take in anyway I can get it. We close on July 2nd so I guess I better get to packing. Well we actually have the inspection tomorrow so after that we'll know for sure everything is okay and we can go through with the purchase. As I said before it's not the perfect house because it's a bit small but it's all we can afford right now so if we want to get our foot in the door this is it. And we've seen such crap at the same price that it's nice to see a home in great condition. If anyone wants to see details let me know and I can give you a website to look at. Don't be disappointed at the size - Welcome to big city prices!!

Meikka - belated Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Bailey - whoopie pies and coke - yum!! Hope things are better these days.

Pryia - another great loss that's so exciting. It's so motivating when you see those losses at the beginning. I hope it keeps up for you.

Lyssa - that was interesting what you shared about the weight plateau but your clothes still fitting better. I'll try to remember that next time I hit a plateau (could be anytime now even though I just got over a big one )

Nanci - wow on you and your husband's total weight loss. so impressive. I think for my husband and I, we're at about 26 for me and 35 for him. I lost a little last spring and then we started together in the fall and then we both stalled out a bit since February but have managed to maintain.

Karen - 4 pounds!! Tell us your secret! Congrats.

Have a great day everyone,
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