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Welcome Cindy

I am not going to take a lot of time to answer each of your questions specifically, as I am getting ready to watch the fabulous Green Bay Packers........but I did want to mention that whatever you are doing.........keep doing it. You have had great success so far!!! I would recommend reporting your WI on Monday's with us on the January WI thread, just to give you the accountability you had with your COD. Many of the questions are really quite subjective. What works for some, does not work well for others. I think, as with anything, we must incorporate common sense into this plan.

One thing I will say is that I only do a TO or FF when I either have been off plan for more than a couple of days, or when I have stayed POP and the sclae won't budge for more than 2 weeks. Other than that........I try to stay away from them. Many people (me included at times) use a TO to bail out after being naughty. This is not really condusive to a healthy lifestyle know

I eat a lot of repettitive things also....and when I am POP, I lose. Dr. Oz, in his book, You On A Diet, actually recommends this practice. The goal is to get all of your nutrients in so your body works efficiently. Sometimes, I think conselors would just say, "you need to mix up your food choices," cuz they couldn't think of anything else. Most often, I think people stall for long periods of time because they aren't accurately measuring their foods, or not getting them all in. BLT's, or bites, licks, and tastes can add a lot of calories at the end of the day. Many people forget about BLT's (me included) and then wonder why they aren't losing.

As far as when to eat.........I try to get my foods in early.....but mostly I try to listen to my body. If we want this lifestyle change to stick, we need to listen to our bodies. If I have eaten breakfast, and I am really not hungry when it is my snack time........then I wait. And I take the time to eat when I am actually hungry.......I try really hard not to ignore that. Also.......I really enjoy a small bowl of air popped popcorn at night with morton's lite salt......and that is a a starch.......and it makes me happy. I want to be happy in this lifestyle I try not to sacrifice EVERYTHING that is enjoyable. And really........I have made a sacrifice by having air popped popcorn ( the real kind) with lite salt. There is my lifestyle change. But I am still having it when I want it

Anyway......I will try to take more time later......I have to straighten up my family room for the game.......

Stick with us........I know it seems weird at first.......but before you know will fit right in

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