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Question Where the heck is everybody???!!!

Ok guys............Come out and play!!!!!!

Wonder where everyone is at today? Hmmmm....could be a conspiracy. I don't know.

Maybe they are all out eating icecream without us!!! Just kidding.

Well, I myself have done absolutely nothing today and I loved it! This is the first real weekend that I've had off from work since I started there, I believe. I've been there a year this month and ever since I started, I've had to work weekends.......whether I was on seconds, first or third. But when my boss sent me back to first this time, I told her it would be nearly impossible for me to work on the weekends, due to the fact that DH works just about every weekend and I don't have anyone to watch the boys all day every weekend. She said she wouldn't promise me 7-3 M-F, because there would be times she would need me.......but she promised if I had to work a weekend day, that they would be few and far between and so far, she has kept her word. I had to work last Saturday, but only because I asked to have Monday off and I'm off this weekend and next weekend. YIPPEE!!!!

Michelle: Hey sweet girl. I will try my best to keep you company this weekend while John's working, ok? But, I will be unavailable tonight between 7:00 and 10:30 because Nascar is having a special Saturday night race this week instead of tomorrow. And you know..................I've got to watch my man! But I will be around and online most of the I'll either see you here or send me an IM.

2cute: Soooooo, I see you like the scruffy picture of Tony, huh? Actually, he looks that way most of the time. He almost always has stubble.....he must have just shaved the day I took that picture at the personal appearance. And boy...........did you sound busy yesterday! Wore me out just reading your post! Not quite ready for grandchildren yet!

Mary: I will keep my fingers crossed for you regarding the branch managers job.........I sure hope you get it my friend. And on the taking lunch thing.......I HAVE to take my lunch.....if I don't, I always get into trouble.

Kat: The person I am GA-GA you so delightfully put it is Tony Stewart. (Which let me clarify.....I am truly GA-GA over only one man and that is my DH) but even though I am married, I am not dead. hehehe Anyways, he is a Winston Cup Nascar Driver and in my humble opinion, the best one on the track. If you ever get a chance to watch Nascar, look out for the bright orange #20 Home Depot Car.......(it should be near the front if not leading the pack!!) Hope you have a great day my friend! snuck in on me while I was posting.....sorry about you little boy. Hope he feels better. {{sending chicken soup and kleenex}}

Fluffy: Exercising is not one of my favorite things either. But if you are going to change your have to do something and you have to move your body. No, I'm not telling you to go out and run a marathon. Start out slowly. Maybe a walk around the steps. You can do it!

TT: Thanks for starting the new thread! Where are you today? Out doing a bra job? hehe Stop in today if you can. Always like to see a post from you!

Well girls...........I think I just hit my 100th a way, it makes me feel really good..............but in a way, when I look at everyone elses post #'s, I feel pretty small. Oh well. It's more than I started out with. Maybe I just need to post more.
Have a great day to everyone I missed. I love you all!

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