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Just a FYI here... my kids got a case filled with old "Little Rascals" dvds for xmas. They can't get enough of it. Cracks me up that my three children are hooked watching "the gang." We traveled to Oklahoma the day after xmas so we took a few to watch in the van and I enjoyed watching them as much as the kids did! DH was up front driving and said that we giggled the entire time. They sure do beat all of the crap on Cartoon Network. Check it out and see how your kids react.[/QUOTE] MIL got some Lil Audrey & Lil Lulu dvd's, also tom & jerry at the $ store...the kids think they rock! It's funny you mention Litlle Rascals, MIL was looking for them thinking the kids would like you know where they were purchased?? DH has been watching Three Stooges with them for years...they love that too.
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