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I have NO business stopping and posting, but I had to get on the new board!
I guess a quick break couldn't hurt!

Now, Tina...WHO is this guy you are GA-GA over? I think your hubby is cuter! Nice photo, though! I know how you feel...years ago, my friends and I went to the "Stone Pony" in Asbury Park (a club at the Jersey Shore where Bruce Springsteen was reputed to hang out--big Bruce fan here!) Sure enough, there he was, sitting way in the back, at the bar. We approached him for an autograph and I was just positively speechless! I couldn't say a word, just handed him my scrap of paper to sign, (which he did), and stared.....DUHHHHHHH! Wish I had my camera, though! A picture lasts forever...I just have the memory of me being such a dolt!

2cute, I have been trying your saying out...I DON"T CHEAT...then I answer my self, yes I do, that's why I'm so fat! I DON'T CHEAT ANYMORE...yeah, right! I DON'T CHEAT chuckle I'M GOING TO KILL THE VOICE INSIDE MY HEAD! THEN I WON'T CHEAT!

Malia...I hope you are feeling are a trooper, though, exercising through the pain!

to Lucky and Fluffy...self-proclaimed journal-haters...isn't posting here considered journaling? If you want to tell us what you've eaten during the day, feel free! Journaling problem solved!

Michelle...any tornadoes by you? None here, just LOTS of rain, thunder and is GORGEOUS , if a little windy!

Thin...have fun with your honey with all that time together...don't forget the sillystring!

Mary...Pulling down the big $$$! Keep us posted about your library adventures!

Okay, back to work for me...sorry if I missed anyone, I'll catch you next time!


Nobody can bring you peace but yourself... Ralph Waldo Emerson
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