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I brought Fluffy over here, she was on the second page and I didn't want anyone to miss it.

FluffyEwe wrote:

Good morning, all!

Yellow - I, too, do the lemon slice in water. In fact, in my fridge I keep a 96-oz. pitcher of water with about 6 lemon slices in it - that's my water allotment for the day, beats trying to keep track of counting glasses. I need to work at finishing that pitcher by about 3:00 p.m., or I'd be up and down all night going potty... And that can be a real pain - pun intended - with these bad knees. I've added you to my Yahoo! Messenger buddy list, as well as ICQ - I don't use those much, but will watch for you when I'm on. I always have AIM and MSN Messenger up and running, though, if you ever get those. Congrats to your company - and you - on the company award! And good luck on your eval.

Mary - I've added you to my Yahoo! Messenger buddy list, too. Looks like I will have to use Yahoo more often!

Michelle - keep those recipes coming! I hate to cook, but like to try some new ideas, especially if they are lo-fat and yummy. I have such a sweet tooth.

Thinthinker - "alone time" with DH is so important - and so much fun, too! (Do YOU have a tub-for-two?) Grand Rapids is only about a 2-1/2 hour drive from here, but that can sure seem like such a long trip sometimes. Yes, GR is a great little city. I think my heart will always be there (but "I left my heart in old Grand Rapids" just doesn't do the song justice). What Detroit suburb are you in? I don't take anything but Motrin for the knees. I had xrays taken a couple of years ago, but due to a mixup at the hospital - they put the wrong doc's name on the report - my doc tells me I need to go to the "other doc" for treatment - he is apparently concerned about lawsuits or some such thing. Anyway, I can guess the treatment any doc would subscribe - "lose weight"... well, DUH! I'm a(n) RN, and have little respect for current-day medical practice, what with the politics of managed care, HMO's, etc. Doesn't help that DH has run the gamut of treatment for his knee - including PT, whirlpool, various medications, SynVisc injections - and now they want to replace his knee - anything to keep the money flowing from our pockets to theirs! So I will try to get the weight off, then if the knees still act up, I'll find a doc somewhere.

Kat - glad you're enjoying the excitement of prom with your daughter. I enjoy a great relationship with 2 of my 3 girls (the 3rd one is a story in itself!) - something I wouldn't trade for the world! Of course, my 2 boys and I have an entirely different relationship... boys are so different than girls!

Lucky - when I think of my closet, I just get depressed - I'm tired of all the "fat clothes" in there! And when did you usurp my throne? I thought I was the journal-hating queen!!!

Tina - walking is a problem with these old knees of mine. I can't go through a grocery store without leaning on the cart to help alleviate the discomfort. And why is exercise such a dirty word for me?

2cute - I know how much "work" goes into babysitting the grandkids, but isn't it fun? We tend to spoil ours just a tad! Yes, my ex helped "train" me for my DH - actually, my ex and I get along fine, in fact, we have our family Christmas and other family events together all the time. Sure makes it easy on the kids, and he (the ex) is actually a nice enough guy. And my DH isn't jealous, so he enjoys the family gatherings, too. I agree with you about not weighing too frequently - I get VERY depressed when I have to look at the numbers. My preferred measuring stick is clothing - I mark my success by how clothes fit, when I go down a size, etc.... seems like a much more practical method to me. After all, the scale only shows numbers, while clothing is a visible sign of success to me. Thanks for the "I DON'T CHEAT" mantra!

Malia - hope you start to feel better soon. I can't understand why all the pain - I've had root canals, crowns, caps, extractions, braces, etc. and never had that much pain for that long.... I sure hope nothing is "wrong". Keep calling that dentist!!!!! Thanks for the words of wisdom regarding self-sabotage.

Hope I didn't miss anyone.... Time to hit the shower. Then it's on to the laundry, since I didn't get to it yesterday.

Have a great weekend, and I'll catch up with all of you on Monday!

-- FluffyEwe

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