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I know it's hard to hear, but you just need to be patient!!!

I believe with all my heart that there is someone out there for everyone- I have known plenty of heavy girls that found true love- myself included. I was 275 pounds on my wedding day- (not something that I'm particularly proud of) and I have been blissfully married for eight years now. My husband saw beyond the outer package to my heart and fell in love with me for who I am, not for what I look like.

So, you need to work on accomplishing your dreams now and when the time is right, you will meet that perfect person.

Just remember, looks will come and go- the prettiest girls today can turn into ugly hags later in life, but what remains throughout the years is your true character- beauty comes from within. Some of the prettiest girls I have met had some of the ugliest souls, and some of my dearest friends might not be what our society deems as beautiful, but they have the most beautiful spirits.

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