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Originally Posted by Loryivey View Post
OMG BornToFly - can we be friends? Actually, that's probably a bad idea cuz neither of us would ever get out and date! LOL

I'm 28 and used to date a lot, but as I've gotten older (and heavier) my confidence and comfort in dating has plummeted. I recently decided to be proactive about getting into the dating scene and letting my friends know that I'm back on the market, and I think this has helped. I have had a few terrible dates, but that's just part of the process, and the more I get out there and feel things out the more I realize that its not other people who are looking at me funny - its me!

So juice up your online dating profiles (definitely try more than one site) and try to get the word out - you never know if a friend might know someone who you can get to know gradually without a lot of pressure that comes along with going on a "first date," you know?

On the flip side of that, it might help if you don't look at it like you're in your last year of your 20s - You're still young and hot! If it takes a while, just let it be. The more you worry about it (and I speak for experience), the more you're let yourself get discouraged and then you'll be in the last year of your 30s saying the same thing!

Good luck! (That seems to be my phrase for the day.)
lol, of course we can be friends. we could try and convince each other to get out more.

In high school, I wouldn't say I actually "dated" I never was without a date to dances and stuff like that, but once I graduated and opted not to on to college I went straight to work and therefor lost contact with a lot of my friends and such. I almost can't believe it's been 10 years since HS and I haven't had a boyfriend! My sister set me up with someone she knew in Nov 2006 and we went out to dinner and went bowling as a dbl date and I think we were both so incredibly nervous and we never spoke after that night. I just wish I could get past the feeling of being terrified. I keep thinking will a guy even want to date someone who has never really dated? Should I tell them that? etc

One thing I have done is gotten the word out, I'm really close with my cousins and friends that are my age and I have told them that I am looking and to keep their eyes open for me. I think it would be easier if I knew someone else I trusted knew them. ( if that makes sense )
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