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Visualizing the Goal
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Oh, no, I finished Phase 1 before Christmas. I think I started the first of December. The whole rest of the family (but Connor) has been sick for the past week so I think I just caught it from throwing away all the snot rags and washing all the throw-up clothes. Tried to keep my hands clean, but you know how it is being Mom. Honestly, though, I feel a ton better now than I did this afternoon so that's good. Especially because Tom has to work tomorrow through Sunday so he won't be around to help with the wee ones. I'll take it easy tomorrow and then hope for full form on Saturday.

My sister Jill (the one who just found out she's pregnant) once had a dream about a witch eating off her toes. She sleeps with her feet covered to this day!

Ruth, good luck with your appointment! Clementines are big around here nowadays. In fact, I may go grab one right now...


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