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Its all about the confidence. I realized that when I was in college. and I was about 215 then. I would walk into the bar and say in my head..I am the hottest girl in the room. And then I would look around and find who I thought guys would think was the hottest girl in the room walk right up and stand next to her and order a drink LMAO. You have no idea how much that worked!

I have had a string of relationships in my 20s. And none of them were right and I think thats because I wasn't right yet...I am still working on it. I used to think that losing weight or having a relationship would fill that something. But it never did. I think the best relationship comes across our path when we are ready and have the ability to be selfless with another and love ourselves. Get naked. Stand in a mirror and hug yourself. If we were in the 1500's we'd be the HOTTEST girls. LOL its all relative.

I have to admit I am having a downer of a day today..because it never gets any easier-- thats life. But with age you know when you are in the good moments and can appreciate them more!!!

And from the girl who was the firend of the guys to another-- it will help out in life. Relating to what has made me successful in my career.

Focus on what you have-- and what you don't have will come your way too!!!

You know we started a 30 singles group in the 30 somethings and this is some of the stuff we are talking about. You should drop in.

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