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Thank you for all the replies so far. It doesn't help that I have lived in small towns my entire life ( even now I live in a town with around 4000 ppl ) and my days pretty much consist of going to work where I am the youngest by 15 yrs, and it's a very small office. Total of 5 ppl who work there. I never went to a conventional college setting so I never went through the phase in my life where you meet tons of new ppl. and our town and towns near me are so small that there really is nothing around. ( That I can see anyway )

I have a younger brother who got married in 2005, and now our even younger sister is getting married in July. I am the oldest of us 3. I have cousins and friends around my age that have families and usually I offer my services to watch their kids bc I just love children so much and once I leave and get into my car, there have been a couple times when I've teared up bc i so wish I had that ( my own family )

My mom ( not in a hurtful way mind you ) has made comments like "you know by the time I was your age I had all three of my kids" and I just say something like , "thanks for reminding me mom" and roll my eyes. I'm really not a depressed person or anything like that, I guess it's just like the things that I now want to embark on ( simple dating ) I should of been experiencing 10 years ago or close to it. I guess I'm just scared of getting hurt, even though I shouldn't be.

Bah, I can be such a fool sometimes.
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