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I have to eat breakfast very early also because of my work schedule. I am never hungry at that grossly early hour but eat because I should. I am never as hungry on weekends but I have figured out it is because I get more sleep. I don't get enough sleep during the week because I have to get up too early. Not enough sleep equals, for me, a horrendous appetite. It's as if I have to fill the energy gap with food.

I agree that you need to at more to your midmorning snack. An apple is not enough. For my 10:00 snack I have sliced cucumbers or celery (or both) and some fruit and some peanut butter or low fat cal cheese or some nuts. I just started doing this about a month ago and it really does make that time until the afternoon meal much easier to get through without adding more.

You also might consider your portion sixe for pasta serving size. I have a weakness for pasta and sometimes forget just how small a serving should be and how many calories are packed into that serving. I try to eat pasta only on occasion.
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