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Default The January Club

So, my weight has been up and down all year, but in the end, I'm ending up pretty much where I started last year, in the low-mid 180's. That's not a terrible thing. It sure beats the pants out of regaining back into the high 250's. I don't like the weight I'm at, but I'm not miserable like I used to be before, either.

But... this isn't good enough. I'm orginally from California, and moved to Missouri about 3 1/2 years ago. I've found out that I'm going back home for a wedding at the begining of June. None of my family has seen the new me! And... I want to be at/much closer to my goal weight of 140 when they do. Of course, I'll have to lose nearly 2 pounds a week, every week, over the next six months to pull this off, and I have my doubts.

So, I've decided to join the January Club. You know, the one where where people say "I'm going to get serious about my weight starting with the new year!" I've always been a little skeptical about this practice, but I'm on a goaled timeline now and have to do something! Well, not have to because my family will be delighted to see the changes in me if I stay exactly the same as I am now, but want to because I want to really knock their socks off.

Anyone else joining me this year in the January Club? If so why, and what are your goals? Or is this time of the year just pretty much like any other?
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