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Oh yes. It's sooo important to find something you can do for LIFE. Not some diet with a start - and then a stop. We need to find something that continues. We need to incorporate good eating habits that will indeed last a lifetime.

And without a doubt the best "diet" is one that you customize for yourself. Switch around what you're eating now and tweak it to make it healthier. Try baking, grilling, roasting or pan sauteeing instead of frying. Load up on vegetables. Experiment with different cooking methods, spices and new vegetables. Become an avid label reader. Check out calorie counts on everything before you bring it home. And it will evolve as you go on.

I'd have to agree that giving up that soda is essential to a healthy lifestyle. It might be difficult for a week or perhaps 2, but then it WILL get much easier and you will be feeling sooo much better that you won't even miss it. Really.

As far as exercise goes, nothing beats good ole' walking to start off with. A resistance band is a great way to add in some much needed strength training.

I'm glad you've found 3FC. It's a great place to be. Good luck.
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