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bluex & to you on your LC Success!

I noticed you said that "for some reason" you don't do the things you used to do . . . that's kind of where I'm at on my own journey . . . for some reason I've got the mind set that "indulgence" in high carbs is not a "reward" (all for lack of better words) but actually kind of a "punishment" - realizing for some reason that those things are hurtful for the things I want to accomplish, ya know?

It's still very difficult - after a lifetime of equating carb loading as a "friend" - I've also had to realize that I do have that 'all or nothing' personality so very difficult for me to have 1-2 LC beers (or a bite of this or that) w/o going "all out."

Have had more success than failure this time around and for that I'm thankful. Would love to hear some of your experiences so hope you will chat along with us! There are usually more chatters . . . I think the time of year has got everyone super busy.

Shout-out to faithful chatters beachie & diva!

Would love to hear from our other LC'ers -esp. punce with news about your cuz condition-to see how we're all faring thru this busybusy week!

SO glad it's THURSDAY -- only ONE MORE night shift til I'm off for the Holidays - can't WAIT!

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