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Originally Posted by RobinW View Post
They are always so tough, until you really put things in perspective for them.

I was thinking I might really enjoy a guiness every other week, at my girls night meetings at the irish pub. I think that just might be alright. As long as I stay away from the desserts, and all the other goodies they have.

Today wasnt 100%, buy it was still good. I think Im ready for a full induction day........I always have to work up to this.

Have a nice evening ladies!
Hello LCers. I am new to this board, new to the place in general. I have been posting a little over at the diabetes board and I am ready to join in with the LCers as well.

I think I'll just jump in and join in because the word Guinness made me stop and pay attention. i loved nothing more than a Guinness. I must admit I was a big drinker. Since I have started my lc journey in march of 2006, I have not had the pleasure of enjoying a Guinness. Maybe, I am too hard core for some. For some reason the things I couldn't do my whole life, I am doing now. I am staying away from things I love. I love Beer, Guinness being one of the ones I enjoyed the one. I still have a beer or two on occasion but I can't really justify the Guinness. To be honest with you, I don't even know how much carb is in one. But I do know that a miller light or similar type beer has 3.2-5. Now I am going to go find out. Ok, it ranges 10-17 depending on the type of Guinness.

Oh, I am not judging by the way. Envy is more like it, I guess. Maybe one day, I can save all my carbs for the meal on the guinness.
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