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Originally Posted by JMav View Post
Just had some questions for you guys...

Did you get more stares? How did the compliments make you feel?

How has your family treated you?

Just needed some motivation, I'm working really's so incredibly hard but I know the rewards will be amazing!
Hi there!

Yes, I get lots more stares and attention from men. It made me feel really, really vibrant, alive, sexy and feminine - things I hadn't felt in a looooong while. I get more attention from women as well. They are more friendly and open with me. But I'm thinking I'm more friendly and open with them as well. I thought I compensated for my weight by being overlyfriendly, but I now realize that I really did hold back. I've come to the conclusion that it's very hard to be yourself when enveloped in so much excess fat. For me, anyway.

Some acquaintances and distant family have been much friendlier to me as well. Which I do find a bit disturbing, as if when I was so heavy I wasn't worth the effort to speak with them. But I can't let that get to me. Got to take the good - with the not so good.

My immediate family treats me the same, I suppose. They've been very supportive. I treat them a bit differently now though. I am majorly concerned about how and what they eat now. I am much better equipped to deal with all the stress that having 3 teenaged daughters brings about. And I get much more done for them, as well as me each and every day. I am much more active and happy now - which can't help but affect them, in a positive way.

Yes, it IS hard. But like you said, the rewards are simply amazing. Waaaay better then I ever could have imagined. I mean I KNEW it would be rewarding, I just hadn't a clue it would be THIS rewarding.
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