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Default how many servings of carbs while losing weight?

Hi ya'll--

I was wondering... I know that the Fed. Govt has guidelines for servings per food groups... and here's my question.

Question: If a person is trying to lose weight and sticks to a 1,200-1,300 calorie diet... how many servings of starchy carbs should a person have per day?

(It would obviously have to be lower than the general recommended # of carb/grain servings for people who don't have to lose weight.)

And, part 2 of my question is: if the servings of starchy carbs (even if it in the form of whole grains) are "too low," like 3-4 servings a day, does that mean the person trying to lose weight will experience water weight loss instead of fat weight loss?

(If so, then for how long will the water weight loss be in effect before you go back to fat weight loss?)

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