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Thumbs down Mini goals

Hey Jenniffer!
Boy, what I wouldnt give to say MY next mini goal is 199! But we wont go there! If you dont mind me asking, what weight did you start out at? Have you been at this long?? I have lost 42.6 pounds but I started in Jan 2001. I lost 30 or so and that was it. I maintained it for 9 months or so before trying to start to lose more. I am just proud to have not gained it all back like I have done before. So even if it takes forever (or seems that way) atleast it is staying off!!

With that said my next mini goals are:
Mothers day-268 (45 pounds)
Bermuda cruise-June 12th--260 (53 pounds)

I am feeling so confident right now! I know I can do it!
good luck!

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