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S/C/G: Lost 50 lbs, regained some

Height: 5'3"


Hey again,

At 134, you are just barely in the "Overweight" range.

If you search on "bmi calculator" in your browser, you'll see a lot of links to free calculators. BMI is just a rough guideline based on height and weight--there are better ways of measuring these things. Body fat percentage is another very good measure of healthy weight, but you need to have that done in person, either on a "resistance" scale or by being measured with calipers or tested in a pool. But I am getting off topic.

I'd say don't waste your money on any over-the-counter weight loss aids. They aren't worth it, and some can be dangerous.

We have lots of resources here on 3FC! From the main page, you can go to reviews of books and products, information on weight loss and fitness, and much more. We also have a forum for vegetarians:

And you can read about calorie counting tips here:

Hang in there! Good for you for asking your fiance to hide the sweets!

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