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Welcome to 3FC!

Planning and organization of what you're eating and when can go a long way to keeping you on track and avoiding temptation. Some examples:

It sounds like you don't know exactly how many calories you are eating. You could try to keep a food diary, or utilize an online food database like to track all of your calories.

Plan ahead of time what you're going to eat and when, and bring in those lunches and snacks to work so you stay on target.

How does your fiance obtain those delicious tempting foods he's eating? It it food from the grocery store, or fast food? What would make him do this less often? For example, in my house I do all the shopping. So as long as I don't buy the goodies in the first place, DBF won't be able to eat something tempting in front of me!

It can be difficult, but weighing yourself regularly can also help keep you on track.

You mentioned that you cut out soda. Are there any other problem foods you can identify that you can modify or give up? Simple substitutions can go a long way (Like replacing the cream in your coffee for skim milk, regular cheese for light cheese, etc).

I'm sure there will be lots more responses with helpful ideas.
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