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I wonder why eating clean is so hard... I feel like eating clean forces me to omit so many things I love and forces me to eat more plain, bland things... so in order to maintain my sanity, I try to think about how my abs will look if I eat clean.

Don't ya'll HATE those people who have nice abs and DON'T eat clean? My girlfriend used to have a 4 pack. She doesn't anymore, but she still has a 2-ish pack despite not doing a DAMN thing for it unless eating 4 donuts one day and one pint of Haagan Dazs counts. She never exercises and complains about climbing one flight of stairs yet gets to have abs? Don't get me wrong, they're beautiful, but ...grrrr envy.

I know a few guys who have six packs even though they eat pizza and drink beer. All they do is go to the gym for around 30 minutes every few days and they think going to the gym every day is "a little obsessive" and "a waste of time". I just blamed that on the fact that they are guys

I also have a female friend who DOES work out religiously (well, about as much as I do, which is more than most I know) but still eats crap and has nice abs anyway.

THOSE LUCKY [email protected]@RDS!

Oh well... so what if it is just harder for us... we can do it too.
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