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Originally Posted by HeatherAngel View Post
I'm so sorry - have I misunderstood?? You want to lose 59 pounds in 8 weeks? Is that right? Almost 7 and a half pounds a week??

If I HAVE misunderstood your post, I apologize. If, on the other hand, I have understood correctly, then I wish you well, but there is nothing I can say except good luck to you.
Yes you understood me correct. For a moment I was shocked when you repeated my goal..then I realised you were speaking in pounds. It is sound so much in pounds :-D.
It is only 3 kgs a week. If you see I lose that easily in a week without much effort and in a healthy way. I should just stick to my diet.

Thanks for the advice you recognised it right I think I have an eating disorder. But since semptember even if I go on an eating binge it is not junk food.
I have been trying to lose weight since 5 years and pamatga I have been doing exactly what you have described. The reason was I was not on a raw diet and I was counting calories. I took me more time to lose weight and if i binged i would binge on a dominos cheese crust pizza and big bottle of coke.(with cina sticks).
This time I went raw because of a yoga class(a camp actually of 15 days). And he he just told me if would better if i went 100% raw as i was overweight. There only people with diabetes or other chronic conditions went 100% raw.
After 2 days I got newfound energy. I was very active and at the end of the week I saw that I lost 3kgs. It was not "initial weight loss as i was already on steamed vegetables and low fat low carb diet and with that I had my initial weight loss of about 5 kgs. So it is not at all taxing. I just don't feel that I am on a diet. Only when i started exercising I feel hungry, but only at the right times. I normally can control hunger very well. But after exercising If I dont eat on time i get uncontrollably hungry.
I am sure I am not going to binge this time. I am on track.
Thanks for you replies.

I have gone off my diet got a bad bout of dysentry. :-(( Dec 14/07: 113.5 Kgs(250 Lbs) :-((
Jan 01/08: 112.5, Newyear food made lose weight I am surprised
Jan 18/08: 115.5 Reached it on 15th Jan, No diet no only walks occassionaly.
Jan 24/08: 112.5 Was walking 5km regularly uphill since 18th Jan, started diet of 77% raw veg on 20th. I am glad i did not have update by ticker since new year :-))
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