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I can't stand the Olive Garden anymore. I used to like their breadsticks and salad but beyond that, I didn't care for their food. Last time I went (was given a gift certificate to them), I got the salad and soup thing because I knew that the salad and breadsticks was what I liked. I asked for the salad dressing on the side and although the salad was ok, it wasn't great. Sadly, the breadsticks also weren't great and the soup was the worst of it. We didn't use up all of the gift certificate but we don't plan on going back.

I even got something in the mail the other day offering a free dinner for 2 for filling out a survey. The free dinner was to either Olive Garden or Red Lobster (another least favorite). I was sad, I would've enjoyed a free dinner but I threw it away knowing I wouldn't enjoy it as much as places I do go out to eat at.

Oh yea, Macaroni grill. I do like Macaroni grill but only because they do have awesome bread. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever fall out of love of their bread but I don't think I will. It is a reason I stay away from them though
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.

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