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Hi goalsuccess and

Congratulations on you weight loss! I think most of us here can relate to just about everything you posted.

I'm not very familiar with the LA Weight loss program, so I'm not sure how they ease you into maintenance. I'm sorry you still feel that you are "on a diet" and really want to eat normally, but I think you are going to want to revisit what "normal" really is. There just aren't many people who eat a steady diet of fudge and fried foods and stay at a normal weight. As an occasional treat, sure...if you can get back to healthy eating easily, but normal, healthy people just don't eat that way all the time.

Are you eating good healthy meals that satisfy you? If so, congratulations! you've found a lifestyle plan! If not, please explore the whole forum- there are so many different ways of eating to either lose or maintain (and both really come down to finding a sustainable way of eating), that somewhere between calorie counting, whole foods, LA Weight loss and all places between, there must be a way for you to enjoy your food and maintain your fantastic loss!

And congratulations on the exercise commitment Want to get smaller and be able to eat more? Pick up some weights

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