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I'm a mother, and couldn't picture it ANY other way for *MYSELF* (and husband), BUT there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you. IMO, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be childless. As someone else said, it's much much worse to have one when you don't want one, just because you feel you "should" .. you only have yourself to answer to, kwim? Don't worry if people think you're doing something "wrong" ... you know what you want in your heart, and that's truly all that matters.

My husband and I are BIG-time travelers. Not so much since our daughter came (she's almost 21 months old)... but we have certainly traveled with her! She's been to the Niagara Falls.. she's been to Rhode Island, to CT.. is it harder? Absolutely. Instead of "us".. it's ALL her. Planning things around HER nap, around HER mealtimes.. knowing something we plan just might not "work" because she's being whiny, or doesn't wanna do something. And traveling 5+ hours in the car with a toddler is tough stuff! It's no longer about me sleeping in the backseat when DH drives... it's about me trying to entertain a toddler and hope she naps in the car! haha

But really, I wouldn't change it for the WORLDDDDDD.. because the love I have for her is worth anything we had to change with our lives.

That said- I DO look forward to the days where it's easier to travel and do things more "our" way... and we'll get there someday in the future. Until then, I treasure the days I have with a young child... because they go so fast.

But won't it be nice when she's a teenager and my husband and I can just GO out when we want and leave her home? hehehehe

But seriously-
There's absolutely NOTHING at all wrong with your decision- I know plenty of people who don't have children and don't want them.. from the age of the early 20's, to the 40's.. it's what they want (or don't want) and I totally respect that.
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