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Everyone is right.
All of that is a very personal choice between you, your husband, and nobody else. I'm reminded of a very useful phrase "Why on earth would you want to know something as personal as that?" Usually it gives the "asker" pause... they may say "Oh, I was just curious." You may then easily change the topic.

Dealing with your parents and in-laws may be the most difficult. But, I mean come on... if you had kids would they be the ones raising them so that they could have their grandchildren? Didn't think so.

It's possible that years down the road your mind may change, but who cares? My mind changes every five minutes. And even if it changes it is again... Nobody's business!

Go. Enjoy your life. If it happens to involve your own children at some point down the road, so be it. If you decide not, then also, so be it. And if you are hounded by other's comments regardless of your choices just tell them with all sincerity that they should get their own life.
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