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"But I am afraid a few years will pass, and my thoughts on kids won't change, and I'll be attacked by everyone I know."

Yes, people often seem to have an (outspoken) opinion on whether or not you have children. This is not the most diplomatic approach, but I tell them to go to H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks. When people have the nerve to ask me now why I have no children (or, my personal 'favourite': "How come you guys have that big house and no kids?!") I tell them: "We tried for more than seven years. Thanks so much for bringing that up. My dog died in February, too - want to talk about that?" It's rude of me, but frankly, seven years of playing the two-week-wait game nearly killed me.

I tell you this because we DIDN'T want children. And then we thought we might as well, before I 'ran out of time'. Whether or not you change your mind - it is your body, and your (and your husband's) decision. Everyone else really can just butt out.

It's a bit like people who TOUCH pregnant women - what gives them the RIGHT? People are bizarre. Good luck to you.

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