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Hanna, I am soo soo sorry that happened to you. Alot of times stress in people with fibermyalga will manifest itself like that. There are 14 pressure points in a persons body (7 on each side) and when they flare up ~ it is pain like you described. It sounds to me like the ones in your back flared up. It sometimes helps my mom to get manipulated (streched and deep muscle massaged) at the earliest stages of that. During, all she can do is ~ take medicine to sleep and relax. Unfortunatly that is what she has to do.

GG, Luckily customers weren't too bad today. They will probably be worse tomorrow. You would be supprised at how many people go to a gym on Friday night. When I was in college I belonged to Bally's for a short time, and there were lots of people there. Then I joined St. James Club (local) and they were closed at 6pm. I guess it just depends.

4me, I am one of the best shoppers I know. It doesn't help me that I have a great discount where I work. But I have only ever once in my life have I gone shopping on Black Friday. (It was when I was engaged to my ex) There is a reason why it is called Black Friday and that is why I don't shop it. I am with GG on this one ~ shop on my days off during the week, unless its my store then I shop on the clock.

Well it is time to get my bottom to bed. I have a long day waiting on customers tomorrow.

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