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I am so happy everyone had a nice thanks giving.

Joan your living room sounds just right! how wonderful!

Well, thanks giving at my house was I guess great for everyone else, but for me, I had finished getting the last of the things Michael had asked me to do for him, like chopping some onions and other things so he could just get something cooked w/out preparing it so I did, timing was perfect, we were not stressed at all, all organized and fine. I came upstairs to shower and get ready, so I get out of the shower and I bent down to get a brush to do my hair and I couldn't come back up, I kind of brushed it off and thought oh well just a little pain, NOT! I finished with that and bent down to find a pair of shoes and again I couldn't get back up, but this time I just couldn't get back up at all, so I had to call dh, he came upstairs right away, I was in tears, I couldn't move, I layed on my bed, but not on my back on my stomach, why on my stomach, I don't know. He said no you need to be on your back w/your knees bent, well that was just like seriously impossible, Michael tried to help me turn around it took about 20 minutes to get me to lay on my back, the pain was excruciating, I was not dressed, I was just laying there in a lot of pain but my makeup was done!!! LOL. I finally got on my back, on top of the covers and I couldn't move after that, Michael called the pharmacist to make sure I could take different medication w/what I am already on (cymbalta) and they said it was OK, so I took some vicodine and I took what ever the told him on the phone and at 2:00 PM instead of being downstairs getting ready for the huge crowd we had, I was sound asleep, I didn't wake up until 8:00 PM when the medicines wore off, I was in pain again, I was able to go downstairs for a little while and say hi to the people that were still here, apparently they had a great time and the food was really good, I am so glad they enjoyed, but I am pissed I missed all the guests, I love to entertain and have people over. So the people that were still here said they were already planning for another day to come back so we can ALL enjoy including me! so I guess we are having a BBQ next weekend!!!! I am still in pain, not as bad, but I can't bend down or pick anything up, I spoke to the Dr. and she wants to see me on Monday if I am in a lot of pain still, maybe take x rays. I hope by Monday I am a lot better.
Fortunately fil is here w/Sean and helping a ton, he is the best! I am heading back to bed, the medicine is making me drowsy.
hugs every one!

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