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Geez it took me two days to catch up...on take 6 now WOW!!!
donuts Your picture is amazing-you look awsome and I'm sure your kids will remember this huge accomplishment. What a great role model u are for them.
Desi We have close to the same ##s and its always important to know that we may not have as big a losses every week, but we'll get there. Congrats on retiring your old jeans!! That's the best feeling ever. I have two closets in my house that were full of clothes from size 4-14, not kidding FULL to the point the bars had to be reinforced. I seperated them by size once I started program (instead of season like b4). Every time I find something too big I get to go shopping in my "skinny closet". I have a huge box on the floor of by "fat closet" that I'm filling up to sell to Plato's closet. It's really cool to see it get fuller and my "skinny" closet get emptier.

Confession time...I was in New Orleans for a few days, I had decided I was going to cheat once a day and took fat blockers. I cheated a LOT, skipped meals in favor of Hurricanes and Hand Grenades! I won't go into the meals I DID eat because you'll all kick me out, but I was bad. Here's the thing, I came home CRAVING green vegs and I've NEVER done that. I also came down with a terrible cold that kept me down for another 4 days. I did lose .5 lbs, but I will never do that to myself again. It just makes you feel AWFUL.
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