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S/C/G: Size 16 to 18/Size 6/I'm there

Height: 5"3" Age: 55


Cottage, have fun at Curves

ThinbyJune...good luck to you and your feet today..ouch!!

ThinAgain...ignore the stupid scale. 4 days ago, I was up 2 lbs, then went out to a friends's house for dinner (non SB food) and the next day I was down 2 lbs. Yesterday I was down 2 lbs from that. Scales are just stupid!!!

Me: busy day. Got up at 3 to get some work done so I could take most of the day off today. Have to run back to the grocery store for last minute stuff for tommorrow's feast...then I have to take my Mom to the dr. for a monthly blood test, then back here to get everything cooked for tomorrow except the turkey...but looking forward to doing all that cooking!
Balie nef, blaie prope.
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