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Smile Huzzah! Because we say so.

I had one of those "can't get out of my own way" days yesterday, in a semi-funk. Feeling like i've got a bit of a cold for the last couple of weeks although never totally succumbing. Didn't dive off wagon or anything but used up some treat points on a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich on spelt. It was awfully good, but I'm thinking I probably need to go totally gluten-free, especially in the run-up to the festive season.

Anyway, did go to choir practice -- less than 2 weeks to performance! -- and it was fun.

And I'm determined not to let myself be funky (at least in the bad way -- I aspire to funkiness in general ) today. It's not like I enjoy it or anything, so must resist. If I'm tired I'll rest and try to refresh myself instead of pushing on. Going to be proactive and determined! Yay-ah!

Quiet in the

Eydie, so lovely to see you here! Are you still doing the sugar-free thing? Give yourself a pat on the back for working out so consistently, even if you feel like it's been lacking a bit of oomph. Bet if you've lost any strength and endurance it's back in no time. Huzzah, I say!

Right then. I've got a recording of last night's practice and must try to figure out how to load it onto my computer. Pray for me.

K, lies, let's make this a good one!


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