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I agree with Amanda on all of the above.

The only thing i would add is adding some fiber. I eat LOTS of fiber. Makes me fill fuller for longer.

With the foods you listed above, i would be starving too. I cant eat stuff like oatmeal and cottage cheese without starving 5 minutes later. They have a little protien and fiber but not nearly enough, plus they have a lot of carbs. The snacks you mentioned are healthy, but carbish too. Try having some peanut butter with that apple. Then you will get protien, fiber, some healthy fat, and it will give your tummy somthing to digest. Or how bout some light wheat crackers with some laughing cow cheese? YUM. Or light string cheese?

I would definately make an effort to bring a lunch. And if you are going to have a fruit, add a protien to it.

For breakfast if i eat oatmeal i am starving a couple hours later. So how bout a Kashi cereal? I eat Kashi Go Lean Crunch with fresh blueberries or strawberries at 6:30 a.m. and i am not hungry til noon....seriously. That cereal has some serious protien and fiber. Which gives you major staying power. If you cant get it at work and you have to eat at work, take it with you and keep it at work. That is what i used to do all the time.

Hope this helps.

EDIT ADDED: Ditto to baffled as well. We posted at the same time i think.
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