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Schmoodle, You thought I was going to a reading outlet? That would be nice! I got chills and goosebumps reading your post about your DD. Please keep close watch on her and yourselves, don't take anything for granted in this day and age! I hope the police do their job right and put that sicko behind bars where he belongs. Please, please look out for yourselves!

Ruth, I hope the lads showed up for you today. Men! Any excuse to get out of work! 86 or or 58, men can be jerks at any age, mine is plucking on my last nerve right now. He's mad about something that happened at work yesterday, and so of course he's taking it out on me. I hope your day is a productive one, and stay warm!

dixie, for your victory! Have fun shopping!

THIN, you don't sound mean to me at all, you are totally justified in your feelings. Congrats on your 1# loss!

CyndiM, ooh, a book fair! I'd be in my glory! Have fun!

I had a successful shopping trip this morning. We weren't allowed to buy any "toys", so I bought him a fantastic heavy winter jacket and a 3-piece sweatsuit. They were on his list, so I hope he's happy with them. I hadn't planned on getting anything for myself, but I found some really cute lightweight sweaters for only $10, so I bought one in every color they had!
Now I'm just relaxing and waiting for the grandkids to come over. I have Cola Chicken simmering on the stove, and macaroni and cheese in the oven for Jake and Amber. With "purple" cauliflower and green peas, we'll have a colorful supper!
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