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Come on Spring!
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Good Saturday morning, Cottage. Strange but I just got my Angel Tree child - a six-year old girl. No wish list although that would be a good idea. We have also started up our North Leeds Toy drive and the push for the Christmas Food baskets. There is such a need in this county due to layoffs and business closings. I count my blessings.

A cold but sunny day is unfolding in the village. There's lots of frost on my car but tonight may be the night I can put it in the barn. Donna's Ted and his sidekick are supposed to come today to move stuff "if it's not too cold". Wusses! It IS November!

I did drop in to see Harry on the way home yesterday and took him a plant, special socks for diabetics, several magazines and some sugar-free candy. His comment? "Why didn't you bring the dog and a beer!" Grrrr! I know the guy has dementia but he sure provokes me sometimes. That's why I sometimes wince when you chickies say "Have a nice visit"! Even at 86, men can be jerks. Hersh and I will go out today or tomorrow with a darned beer.

Time to get into warm work clothes and make a job list for the Timid Twosome who may or may not show.

Have a wonderful weekend despite all the T-Day preparations. I really think we Canuks are wise to do it in October.
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