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Hi Latisia and Judy... do you mind if I jump in?

I love tai bo!! I started doing it a few years ago and lost about 15 pounds. I'm fortunate ... my husband loves it, too, and we do it together.
I'm not sure of the names (the tapes are upstairs, and I'm lazy at the moment), but we've got 5 or 6 of the tapes. We used to do a one hour tape... it was great, but I just couldn't find the time for it, so we started doing a 20 minute workout. It's great... it's fast and I really got a good workout.
I haven't done it for a few months, but I'd like to start again. I just need a little push. I've got 50 pounds to lose, and I know the tai bo would really help.

Have a wonderful day... keep up the good work!
I am a runner!

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