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Hey everybodies!
I am here reading and learning of your journies and hopefully soon of my journey as well.
My mom and sister had joined the program and I thought I would investigate. I figured maybe I could photocopy their programs and find a way to do it without spending the cash that I do not have.
I deseprately need to loose some weight. My sciatic is driving me nuts at this size.
I've yo-yo'd most of my life and I thought I had it under control a few years ago. Amazing what happens when you stop working out.
I've been on almost every diet going, but find without a supporting partner it is almost impossible.
My current partner loves ice cream and buffets and has never really dieted prior to meeting me.
He pushed the 400lb point earlier this year... ya think it might be time for him to change his ways?

I am 40 years young, and had my first child last March. I gained a tonne of water weight and it added to my list of aches and pains from arthritis and the like.
Two weeks after delivery I'd lost roughly 70lbs. I've had some troubles getting beyond that point though.
So here I am, feeling stuck in my 270lb rut. It does not feel near as good as when I was down to 145lbs from 250 some 6 years ago or so.

You good people here are an inspiration and I find myself already craving some of the goodies I've read about... like the granola made with the bars.

I had wanted to pm Dan, as his photos were my final cinching point to decide to join in here. I can't do that though as I don't have in my ten posts yet. I just wanted to give him a big BRAVO!!!!! I suppose his posts are extra inspiring for me as it makes it seem more possible to get my ManBeast eating right too.
Don't give up Dan, you have done an amazing job thus far and you know what works best for you. You are like the calander girl, cept you are a calander guy for LAWL.

I am going up to my mom's this weekend to get a look at her books and stuff, and then my sis will give me her recipe book as they do not need 2.
I feel bad saying this following part, but as money is really tight around here I will probably take some time to use up some of the food in my cupboards before I start in full. So I'll be joining in the fun and games in about a week and meanwhile I am going to keep reading and learning everything I can from you all here.
~ darn me and my shopping addiction that has me sitting here looking at 13 boxes of all bran that I won't be able to eat any more... or can we down the road? ~

Oh yeah, and I am Canadian, in Ontario and hoping to hop across the border this weekend to pick up some staples at a better price that will assist in staying POP.

~okay, stuffs a carrot in my bunny mouth~
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