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Sabby, congratulations on how great you are feeling and how well SBD is working for you! I'm really thrilled for you! However, though I understand that you may find it hard to start P2 while on a trip, staying on P1 for three weeks is just plain unhealthy. In fact, after your first time doing P1, you really shouldn't go back to 2 weeks of it ever again, unless it's been years since you did SBD. One week is more than enough of a detox to get you back on track after a cheat, once you're on the plan.

So...two options. Start P2 now so you feel comfortable with it on your trip or do a "Phase 1.5" on your trip--add in a tiny bit of low GI food (like berries) every other day.

You'll find more info on why doing P1 for too long isn't healthy here. You'll also find help for moving into Phase 2 in the What is Your Phase 2 Combo? thread and the Phase 2 Emergency Handbook thread.

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