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I'm sorry that you're feeling so down, Sherry. It sounds to me like you were really driven to lose it in the past, but you weren't prepared to maintain it. Is Atkins and Low Carb something you feel that you can live with for the long haul? Will Low Carb be your way of life after you achieve all your weight loss? I only ask this because I think that before you ever begin a way of eating, you need to question if it's something you can deal with for the long haul. Losing weight isn't always easy, but maintaining is just as tedious.

I was 210 pounds once (at age 14), I lost 30 and maintained it (at 14), then lost 20 more and maintained it (at age 21), then I spent a year and a half not losing or gaining anything, and now I'm committed to losing the last 20 pounds. The difference this time is that I'm willing to make Low Carb my way of life, I'm no longer viewing it as a temporary solution. I think once you have that in mind, it's easier to be committed and just do it.

No amount of support on a forum is going to keep you on the straight and's really the support that you provide yourself inside. The forums are a great place to get support when you're down and to celebrate your victories, but they won't create determination for you. When I joined this site in July, I think, I was lighter by a few pounds than I am now. I've been up and down 5 pounds for over a year. It's only VERY recently that I finally found that peace inside of myself, and the determination to succeed. Dig deep, need to examine yourself inside...what was it that was driving you before? What made you re-gain?

I know you'll be able to figure it out. It took me over a year to figure it out...but now that I have, it's so worth it. I'm not sure if that helped or not...I tend to ramble about things...I hope that it did.
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