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Default Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

My scale this morning is higher than it has been since 2000. I'm within 6 pounds of having gained back everything I lost that year. Just a week or two ago I went back on Atkins and lost so that I was down 15 pounds from that high point, but I didn't stay on it. All the weight loss was in the first week, and the second week, I guess I had started adding in too many things that were "semi" low carb and maybe too much salt or something and so the weight loss stopped.

When that happens I wind up saying to myself "What's the point?" instead of tighteing up on the things I allow.

Right now I'm trying to find the motivation to start again. (for the millionth time it feels like). I don't know why it is, but these boards seem to both help and hurt. I need them, but every time I fail to do what it is that I want so badly to do (or every time I stop really wanting it badly enough) I feel like I'm just stupid for even posting.

Can anyone relate? What does it take to keep ON wanting the weight gone long enough to make it happen? I got to the point where I was watching plastic surgery shows the other day, watching people have their fat sucked out of them. Thinking that would be SO wonderful if it could be that easy. I know that's foolish though, there is too much of it on me.

Help. I need to find the drive. I had it once. I had it for 3 years or more and I lost a lot, but now nearly all of the weight is back and I feel like a fool.
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