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Originally Posted by KforKitty View Post
I don't know anything about the theory in question but, perhaps coincidentally, I am an A blood group and would not think an Atkins type diet would be good for me, mainly because I'm not much of a meat eater.

I live in South Africa and everything evolves around meat. Because of the Atkins and Blodd Group I stick to Chicken and Fish. You can eat a lot of Mayaonaise and a lot of fat on the Atkins diet. So I bake my chicken in Mayonaise with spices etc. If you are an O Blood Group, its best to limit some of your veggies. Some veggies have a glue-type-lectin that sticks all "foreign" food together and stores it as fat. My 20 year old daughter is an O Blood Group and for faith reasons went on a Daniels fast. She only eats fruit and vegetables and actually picked up weight. Meat makes an O Blood Group to actually lose weight. Very interesting.
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