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Default Do we ever stop worrying?

Quick hi...Just waiting for the rain to come. It is very overcast and the wind is picking up.

Have been on the phone several times today to my "baby boy" in San Diego. Worried mother here due to the fires raging out there. He assures me they are keeping an eye on things and will get out if they have to. My advice was to have your gas tank full and a bag packed of anything you can't live without. BE READY to evacuate if needed. He drives all over the area for work, but is grounded for now listening to the news reports. Promised to call me back in a few hours. I am praying for the boys and ALL of Southern CA.

Mom is better today, I on the other hand have had a bug. Thought I was better yesterday, then got weak. Thought I was better today, went to the bank and gas station, came home and had a dizzy spell and weakness. Hmmm...maybe I jumped the gun on this running around. The bug had a different idea.
I shall good everyone.


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