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Hello, I already posted an introduction to the site in general before I found this LAWL section..sorry if you are reading it twice!

I am currently 202 and 5'9" and I want to get down to 165. I weighed around 140-150 in highschool and was never "thin" but I think I looked great. My highest weight was 230 while in college (I tend to overeat a lot when stressed out). I yoyoed around for a while and then somehow ended up with an LA weight loss booklet about 2 years ago. I got down to 172 by following the plan...mostly eating grilled chicken salads from fastfood restaurants. Of course as soon as I stopped following the plan and started ordering the other items from the menu I slowly gained until finally I weighed in at 205 a few days ago.

I have no idea what happened to the diet book I was using but I've been trying to get back on the plan the last few days from memory and have lost a couple pounds so far...but I think I'm going to need some extra help this time. I want to avoid the fastfood salads but don't have a lot of experience following this plan with my own cooking. From what I have read here so far I'm a little nervous my memory of the plan may not be accurate, I'm also not sure what I had before is even the plan I should be following considering my current weight and what I want to lose...I would love to get some advice from anyone following especially if you are doing this on your own without the center.

Thanks for looking any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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