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I hope all had a good weekend.

I've beeen sick again. Don't know what's wrong this time. Woke up yesterday feeling like I was on a cheap drunk! Couldn't even lift my head off the pillow without feeling nauseated and the room was spinning. I stayed in bed most of the day. Had a looooong night's sleep last night too. Feel much better this morning.

My daughter is still in jail, court date is May 6. I hate to leave her there but I have taken care of her for 40 years, now it's time she learned to take care of herself!

I have rented out my spare bedroom to a friend of the people across the street. He does lawn work for a living. So in exchange for the room he will do my lawn upkeep and build flowerbeds that I have never been able to get anyone to do for me. All I have to do is buy the plants, landscaping will be free! I think it's a pretty good deal.

Have been eating all the wrong foods this week, so I'm afraid to get on the scales. Hope I haven't blown it completely! I won't get discouraged if I have a gain, I'll just get back on the wagon, and yell "Gittyup!", and start all over.

This site is really getting to be a Ghost-town! Everybody get back in here and let us all know whats new!

Hugs, Judy
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