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Happy Tuesday. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but we were hit by a snow storm Sunday evening (over 6" of snow ), so was busy coordinating snow removal on the campus that i work at. What a job when noone is expecting it.

I did get to the gym to workout yesterday before work. Dragged hubby along because he is starting the routine, as well. He doesn't have much choice because we drive to work together and if I come early to workout, he does too. Was glad that I met my boss at the gym - just gave me an excuse to be late for work .

My weekend was not good. I was over points every day over the weekend, and also yesterday. The snacking at night really gets to me. I just can't seems to control myself, or maybe it's that I don't want to control myself. However, I didn't gain any weight through that, but will need to stay OP for the rest of the week to meet the 1 pound challenge this week.

Sam - So good to hear from you again. I bet Charlotte was so cute on her birthday. We were able to celebrate our granddaughter's first birthday over Easter. The kids are soooo cute at that age. Our daughter had to wean the baby last October because she was sent to New York to do some counselling at Ground Zero. The baby has not yet adjusted to eating properly. They have really struggled with her and she is promising to be fussy. You are so fortunate to be able to breastfeed through your pregnancy. Keep us informed about the new baby, too. Hope to hear from you soon.

Carolyn - Well, all I can say, is that we are NOT, NOT, NOT enjoying nice weather. We had minus temps and still about a foot of snow until the latter part of last week. The weather on Saturday was wonderful and melted most of the snow that was remaining. We were actually thinking that we would be able to get out into the yard by the end of the month. Theeennnn, the unthinkable happened. A dump of snow that has left everything in a mess. The snow is so wet that it is almost impossible to clear with the weight of it, then it still freezes at night. Walking in to work this morning was treacherous....of course, I only had a pair of little shoes on. I think they call that contributory negligence if I should slip and fall.

Let us know how the WI goes. We're waiting to hear.

Take care, everyone. Hope to hear from the rest soon. We miss you all.

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