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Default Hello, hello!

Peggy - way to go on the study and the exercise! Excellent work.

Sylvia - lovely to hear from you. Tell me about unemployment, I mean I have been redundant now for 8 weeks and I am choosing to stay home with Charlie rather than look for work but it still is a big mental adjustment. I went to Uni for a week and everyone is like 'so what do you do'. Tell a bunch of Masters students (who are all a few years or many older too) that you are a stay at home. Felt like I was nothing

Jo - how exciting about your trip! Also gee you have got the treadmill into your life haven't you? It is excellent how you get on it so many times a week - well done!

Blunder - Glad your cold is passing, love that low number on the scales! hope it stays that way

Well girls, Charlotte turned one yesterday!! It was a lovely day, though stressful, all the family politics etc. Sunday we had an afternoon tea for 30 people. Talk about work! She is still a little girl, only about 18 pounds and still in 6-9 month clothing. Petite, you know? Actually I should email CJ a photo.

Pregnancy is gonig well, 17 weeks along tomorrow. Have only gained about 3 pounds so far and am not showing yet. Unlike last time my butt and legs haven't got huge yet, so I'm still in my normal clothes, yay. Sure a lot of is because Charlie is still breastfed. I've not been exercising much - so tired and have been ill. Plus I find the hormones of pregnancy takes some adjusting - I get quite depressed. We have an ultrasound in 2.5 weeks and we'll find out the sex of the baby if we can. So exciting!!!

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